”Efter vaccinationer” – 900 röster hittills

Hinner tyvärr inte översätta idag.. :/ men vill få ut lite både gamla och nya artiklar som jag sparat. 🙂

Age of Autism – Daily Web Newspaper of the Autism Epidemic 

Författare: Dan Olmstead 27 juni 2011

”I’ve just spent several hours reading what I believe is one of the most important documents ever created about children’s health. Just click on followingvaccinations.com and see for yourself.

The simple idea — on September 18, 2010, Joan Campbell posted the following note to parents of autistic children: ”I am compiling a list of children who were adversely affected by any vaccine. Please if you could say in about 4-6 sentences what that vaccine was, how they reacted, how they are today and what city the vaccine was administered.”

To date, more than 900 responses have been received. The cumulative effect is simply devastating.

Over the past few months, as we all know, the medical establishment and the mainstream media have taken to calling the concern that vaccines can and do cause autism ”discredited” — a ”myth” based on fraudulent science, Internet rumors, hysterical parents looking for something, anything — someone, anyone — to blame.

These reports tell a very different story — children vaccinated in good faith, on time and in full by caring parents who then watch, often within hours, the physical and mental collapse of their beloved baby.

In this case, the plural of anecdote is the truth.

The truth that we’re talking about is much more than autism here — everything from sudden death to seizures, acute allergies to horrible gut problems, arthritis to ADD.”

– – –

”Reading this sends the unassailable message that the infant vaccination program is irretrievably broken and needs to start over with some sort of zero-based methodology predicated on safety first.

And the people who caused it cannot be the people allowed to fix it. They’ve already ”fixed” it.”

”It’s not just mercury. It’s not just the MMR. And no one ever said it was. It’s those things, yes, and the whole crazy out-of-control industry.”

A final point — these voices, without saying so, point up the obscenity of the current hand-wringing over measles. Good lord. Let’s talk about measles, if we must, AFTER we stop destroying children’s lives every single day.


Läs även bl.a. ”Mörkade bevis nu belysta – Vaccin orsakar Autism!

Questions in advance of study analyzing vaccine court cases for autism

National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program – siffror på hittills ersatta/erkända vaccinationsskador i USA, ersatta symtom återfinns ofta i autismspektrat.

Ga. court blocks couple from suing vaccine firm” – Omöjligt att få rätt mot läkemedelsindustrin..? Åtminstone inte i domstol eftersom industrin besitter immunitet.


Om Mamma Urkraft

~ Frågor, rådgivning, FitLine: urkraftmw@live.se ~ Dipl. Näringsrådgivare, Samtalsterapeut steg 1, Alkohol- och drogterapeut ~ Anledningen till jag är anonym är för att bloggen exponerar min son, jag är mer öppen än de flesta gällande mig själv så skicka ett mail och vi tar det därifrån. ~
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