Blandade svar från autismdietspecialisten Julie Matthews

En annan mamma, med en pojke diagnosticerad inom autismspektrat, har haft kontakt med Julie Matthews (Certified Nutrition Consultant and Autism Nutrition Specialist) – för frågor angående hennes sons diet och hon har varit så generös och även skickat med andra föräldrars frågeställningar.

Här nedan följer några utvalda, korta  svar. Jag har medvetet redigerat bort flera av frågorna eftersom de till stor del är individspecifika men svaren är i princip allmängiltiga.

Du bör dock givetvis anpassa er diet efter ert speciella barn och gärna ha kontakt med DAN-läkare eller dietist, utbildade på området.

Julie Matthews om…

Rengöring av köksredskap
If it’s a pan and you can thoroughly(noggrant) wash and scrub it with soap, that is typically sufficient(tillräckligt).

Om hygienprodukter
For bodycare products, avoid anything with oat(havre) or wheat protein. More often found in lotions and shampoos.

Jason makes a line of products for kids that are gluten-free. Also, Kirkman makes a line of products that are gluten-free and casein-free

Eliminera eller provocera – Strama åt eller utöka?
While there are tests such as ALCAT, diet elimination and provocation (like you did with gluten and casein) is often the best way to know someone’s response to it (if you see a reaction). However, it sounds like you are having trouble noticing a reaction.

I would avoid soy, butter, goat milk, but ghee should be fine with a casein sensitivity. Some can handle goat milk but it would not be CF-we could talk more or you could read my article at my blog…

I’d suggest small amounts sugar are OK and moderate amounts of rice.

Egg is OK if there is no sensitivity – this is were testing or diet trial is helpful.


Fråga: We took away soy from the start, and he has never had much soy to start with. Milk leaves the body quite fast, and it can take a long time for gluten to leave the system, but what about soy? How ”bad” is an infraction?

Svar: I haven’t seen the research on this in terms of how long it takes to leave the system. I’d assume it takes some time – I’d avoid it.

Fråga: Lately we have been allowing Mac Donalds ketchup that has a small amount of soy. We have not noticed a reaction – then again we never do. Do you think this is ok?

I read somewhere that actual soy-sauce could be ok – do you have an opinion about that? Is there any benefit of using soy in cooking for example? Or could we even try soy-yogurt?

Should soy always be avoided?

Svar: No benefit(nytta) to soy.

I’d always avoid it unless it’s soy lecithin and is only in a few things he eats. What kind of soy is the ketchup?  You could bring your own ketchup if necessary.

Mandeldrink – Mandelmjölk (ej hemgjord) vs ”DariFree

Fråga: He eats muesli with ”milk” a lot at the since a couple of months back. I´ve got two options for milk that he likes: ready made almond milk from Eco Mil (water, almond 7 %, agave syrup, corn maltodextrin) or DariFree. Which is better?

Svar: Depends… if he’s reacting to salicylates almond would not be the best choice. Both use either agave or fructose which isn’t great for the liver.

Fråga: Is DariFree really healthy? I like all the vitamines the box says it has, but it tastes very sweet. And if you make it with hot water – does the vitamins / minerals survive?

Svar: I wouldn’t say it’s ”healthy” but would be OK.

Also you could try coconut milk. The vitamins/mins should be OK.


Fråga: This is a new love of mine. I use it in dinner type pie, in bread etc. Is this a healthy option?

Svar: Yes, fine option.

Kokosolja – Kokosfett

Great choice. Yes, the extra virgin will have the better properties such as caprylic acid, but the other is good for a stable cooking oil (not as many nutrients but some). I didn’t see the Biofood products online.

On the coconut oil, it’s really an old antiquated view that saturated fat is bad. Some good information comes from the WestonAPrice foundation and Mary Enig a fat expert. Also, I really liked the book Good Calories Bad Calories, but it’s more about animal fat and cholesterol.


Fråga: He eats a lot of meat. Allmost all “red” meat: mostly beef, but also lamb, pork and some reindeer. He does not like chicken or turkey, but I can mix ground chicken into the ground beef in some meals. The beef is almost always organic, the others sometimes. Should I be concerned about such a large part of his diet consisting of red meat? I´d say about 40 % of what he eats for lunch and dinner is red meat.

Svar: I think red meat is fine – if he doesn’t like chicken, then protein from other sources such as you mention are important for protein. Preferably grass-fed or ”pastured” – better than organic but organic is fine if it’s the best you can do. (mU hänger inte riktigt med i sista meningen?)


Fråga: At the moment the rice he eats is either white rice, parboiled white rice or pasta made from organic brown rice. All organic. Do you think rice of this kind is healthy and is one to be preferred over another? Some people claims it is important to eliminate rice. I would find that difficult, but am willing to try if you think that would be important.

Svar: Brown rice will have more nutrients and be healthier than white. Also, organic is important. I don’t think you need to eliminate rice but rotating it so it’s not in the diet too often would be helpful.


Fråga: What is the best test to make sure that we give the right amount of vitamins and minerals? (mU är även intresserad av vad som tas upp av kroppen; se kategori FitLine)

Svar: SpectraCell is an interesting one.

Fråga: Do you have recommendations when it comes to brands of probiotics? He can not swallow pills, so it has to be something with a close to natural taste that we can mix into things. Maybe something that helps fight candida?

Svar: I mentioned some above (For probiotics, you can them and see which works, a few I like: Ther-Biotic Complete by Klaire, D-lactate Free by Custom Probiotics, and Culturelle). You could also try ThreeLac if you want something for candida.

Fråga: Which –if any – supplements tolerates freezing?

Svar: Most should be OK, except probiotics.

Fråga: What do you think of Aloe Vera –drink?

Svar: People use Aloe vera for constipation and other uses. If you had a specific use for it you may consider it, otherwise, I don’t think it’s necessary.

Fråga: Or Cocobiotic that I heard many great things about?

Svar: Cocobiotic or Young Coconut kefir are good for fermented foods.

Fråga: Do you have ideas of which fermented foods I would be likely to get him to eat?

Svar: You could try the coconut kefir drink or raw sauerkraut mixed 50/50 with shredded fruit or pureed in with apple/pear sauce. These are the two most kid-friendly.


Om Mamma Urkraft

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